Essay & Answer Writing Transformation Super Course

A breakthrough program after going through which anybody can write a brilliant essay on any topic by following our simple & easy, yet powerful techniques and cheat codes.

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Language: English Instructors: Ravi Kapoor, IRS and Mitra Sir

Validity : The course can be finished in 20 days devoting 1 hour per day but you will have validity of 2 months to submit the mocks tests according to your convenience.

Course starts 11th October and new batches every fortnight after that.

SCHOLARSHIP Policy : 20% discount in course fee for the following categories of aspirants: (1) All who have appeared in mains earlier ; (2) Mitra's IAS old students; (3) Students belonging to EWS Categories. To avail the discount, please use the 'contact us' widget on bottom right of the site to send us proof of the same.


Elevate your writing quality by 200% in a matter of days...

Developed after extensive research by Mitra Sir and an IRS officer, this course supplemented by personal mentorship expounds a breakthrough approach to essay writing called 'EsselGo Technique', turning the art of essay writing into a science and simplified to an extent that you will be able to write a brilliant essay, no matter what the topic and no matter what your background !


Essay Generation Algorithm, 10+ Cheat Codes, Innovative Review Exercises


Extensive practice with personal feedback comprising of 20+ assignments, part tests and full length mocks

Experience the first step of our essay writing algorithm, which is a technique to help you choose the topic to write your essay on. Click the button below.

An Overview

This course has been developed under the guidance of Mitra sir and is based on the EsselGo Technique expounded in the book by Ravi Kapoor, an IRS officer.



He has over 15 years experience in training aspirants for UPSC exam and has helped hundreds of students succeed over the years with ranks as high as AIR-2.


Having been successful in IAS exam, he has worked in IRS and brings his own insights during his preparation days which helped him succeed into this course.

Disclaimer- Mr Ravi Kapoor has no financial or commercial involvement with Mitra’s IAS and the course herein. The explanatory video lectures are based on his book- ‘The ultimate CheatBook of Essay and Answer writing’ and have been contributed Pro Bono for educational purposes only.

A visual overview of the Essay Program

This Video illustrates the various simple and easy, yet powerful pedagogy of our Essay Generation Algorithm which we developed to help anyone write a brilliant essay on any topic...


Video Lectures

The complete EsselGo Technique of the essay building process has been lucidly explained using video lectures step by step.

Innovative Exercises

The lectures are supplemented by innovative review exercises that will help you solidify the concepts learnt.

Assignments & Mocks

A battery of tests (with evaluation) like writing introductions, body , conclusions , part tests and full mocks ensure you master every building block and the complete process.

Mock paper Evaluation by Mentors only

All mock tests in this course will be evaluated and feedback provided by mentors only viz. Mitra Sir, Ravi Kapoor (IRS) and Nimish Kapur (CAPF, AIR-6).

Highlights of the Course

contents of the EsselGo technique


Here, you will learn to choose topics objectively and scientifically with the help of our unique and simple technique called decision matrix and exercises.


You will learn so as to how to break/deconstruct a topic into its various 'components' with lucid explanations given in video lectures and practise with exercises.


You are taught several  innovative ways and cheat codes to come up with relevant keywords and ideas to set foundations for a high quality content rich essay.


First impression is the last impression and accordingly, we have innovative techniques and dedicated assignments exclusively for writing introductions.


You are empowered with another powerful tool of the EsselGo technique called 'BeGInS' to write a structured and high scoring body for your essay.


The concluding lines of your essay have to be impactful and our simple tools and cheat codes for the same will ensure an ending with a lasting impression and high marks.


You don't need high literary skills and vocabulary to write a good essay. We demolish these myths and empower you with easy ways to master effective writing skills.


Smart ways and cheat codes to review your essay and remove any lacunae has also been explained to help you give your essay a polished look and feel.


Almost all the steps of the EsselGo technique outlined above are replete with very effective cheat codes which make seemingly complex tasks a breeze for you !


Essay paper is a low hanging fruit and the only non-optional paper that can deliver a score of 150+, whereas even many toppers struggle to cross 100 in GS papers. In short, it has potential to give maximum output with minimum inputs !

However, aspirants are generally apprehensive of this paper and bogged down by myths like you need to have high literary skills, flowery language , rich vocabulary , etc to score well in this paper. Nothing could be farther from truth !

Our course demolishes all these myths by equipping you with simple to master techniques, tips, cheat codes, assignments and full length mocks to help you score 150+ in essay paper. The program includes personal feedback and evaluation by past rankers and an overall handholding support system to master the complete process under our mentorship until you master all aspects of essay writing from introduction to body to conclusion.

We have no qualms in stating that this course is a game changer. Don't Miss it !

Sneak Peek

To experience the course hands on, just click on the 'PREVIEW' button on top of this page or in front of the lessons in the course curriculum below to see some of the videos and exercises.

In case of any query, feel free to use the 'contact us' widget on the bottom right of this site to shoot away any questions to us.

Course Curriculum

About Instructors of the Essay Course Preview
Overview of the Course Preview
What UPSC wants in your essay
First Steps - Learn to choose topic
Explanation of the Technique. Preview
Decision Matrix (5 Minutes Exercise) Preview
Practice Test-1
Practice Test-2
Practice Test-3
Practice Test-4
Practice Test-5
Worksheet for Practice
Deconstruction - Learn to break topic
Deconstruction-Part 1
Thing1 Thing2 Exercise
Deconstruction-Part 2
Locate 'Heart' of the Essay
Assignments for 'Deconstruction' (To be evaluated by mentors)
Brainstorming and Writing 'Introductions'
Brainstorming Ideas
12 Question Clues Worksheet
Keystone Words : Review
Learn to write 'Introductions'
'Introductions' - Exercise
Assignments for 'Introductions' (To be evaluated by mentors)
Body Building
Body Building - Introduction
Body Building - Bad/Negative Examples
Bad/Negative Things - Exercise
Body Building - Good/Positive Examples
Good/Positive Things - Exercise
Body Building - Indian Perspectives
Indian Perspectives - Exercise
Body Building - Way forward
Way forward - Exercise
Body Building - Summing it up
Writing 'Conclusions'
Conclusion : Happy Endings
Conclusions : Cheat Code
Conclusions : Summary and Exercise
Writing and Flow
Writing & Transcribing
Structural Flow
WritingSkills & StructuralFlow : Review
Connecting Words
Connecting Words - Review
Final Review
Reviewing your essay
Smart Review : Cheat Codes
Review of SmartReview
Using 'Facts' in Essay
How to handle 'Facts' in essay
Fact Cheat Sheet Explanation
Fact Cheat Sheet (Download)
Mock Tests
Test-1 (No Time Limit)
Test-2 (1.5 Hours)
Test-3 (1.5 Hours)
Test-4 (3 Hours) : UPSC Pattern, Evaluation by Toppers
Test-5 (3 Hours) : UPSC Pattern


Do I need great writing skills to score well in the Essay paper? Is Essay-writing a skill?

No. The essay paper is not a test of prose. Nor is it a literary competition. You just need the ability to convert logical arguments into plain English / Hindi. All the steps to do that easily are explained in an easy way to understand and apply in this course.

Do I need in-depth knowledge of the essay topic to produce a good essay?

Nope. Not at all. You just need to appreciate all the dimensions of the Essay topic. And DO NOT need to write a research paper on the topic. You will learn deconstruction and find the cheat sheet for ALL past 5 years essay topics in the UPSC analysed inside this course.

Do I need to memorise the essays of past toppers?

Not at all. It’s a bad idea to do so because you CANNOT predict the essay topic in the question paper. But you can predict with 100 % certainty that the Essay topic is made up of two or three elements. You will learn how to do this and break the essay topic into bullet points.

Do I have to know facts and data to write a good essay?

Give the UPSC exactly what they want. And they are not looking for facts and data in the Essay paper. They are looking for very SPECIFIC elements which you will learn. Complete Analysis of what UPSC wants and how to deliver is given in lecture 1 of the course.

Do I need a rich vocabulary to write good essays? Do I need very good English language skills to score well in Essay paper? Do I need to use flowery language?

Nope. You will learn how to do Structured Brainstorming through Deconstruction method and will be able to find out 30 keywords in your Essay. The Cheat code for ALL keywords is given inside this course.

How to Enroll

Fee : 18,000/- 14,400/- for first 100 students for limited time only

Click on the 'BUY NOW' button on top of this page to pay for the course. After successful payment, this course would be added to your courses that you can access from 'My Courses' tab after logging in.


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