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This is a short demo (only 15 questions) of our test series. Please sign up free and take the test to judge the quality of questions and the analysis and solutions provided at the completion of the test. 

Details about the Test Series

We have built the formats of our Q & A keeping the following points in mind :

•Questions are framed to reflect the latest pattern of UPSC so that you get a real feel of the actual exam in every test.

•Answers/Solutions to questions is where we stand out. These consist of mind maps, infographics, strategic analysis, interactive videos, flashcards, etc to help you not just know the right answers but go through an effective review process to solidify your overall preparation.

About the various components of the test series

(1) Month-wise Current Affairs Tests: We make sure to cover all important current affairs in a month from PT point of view in these tests for 12 months preceding PT. The uniqueness of the tests lies in solutions which are in form of revision notes, mind maps and strategic analyses to help you ascertain the pattern of questions being asked in PT from current affairs. 

(2) GS Sectional Tests: These sectional tests cover the entire GS syllabus section-wise, to not only test but also review all aspects of your preparation.

(3) Most Expected Questions Mock Tests: This is the most sacred part of this test series. Herein, we use our experience with the UPSC pattern over the years to come up with full length mock tests containing questions based on topics that are most likely to appear in the upcoming PT. These 1100 questions could be a real arsenal in giving you that edge of few marks that most people miss to clear PT by.

(4) CSAT Tests: These tests not only reflect the actual feel of the exam but if you analyse your responses in light of the explanations well, it could help you prepare for the qualifying marks in the paper all by itself !

(5) Revision Bank : Once you have written the tests, you need to review it occasionally to keep your preparation solid. In order to make this simpler for you, we will be collecting all the questions which can be attempted 5 questions at a time, as many times as you like. These will be available to you in all the four components.

The various types of Q&A used in our test series can be seen by clicking here.

If you need any further details or clarifications, please contact us using the 'contact us' widget on bottom right of this site or on the number or email given on the home page of this site or visit our office, address of which is also indicated on the front page.


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