It is my intense desire that students should be able to say these things when they are learning with me: “I am ready for whatever the world throws at me- today or tomorrow.”


India’s Best Philosophy Quality Enrichment Programme.

It also includes our the most competitive & flagship programme “LIVE ANSWER WRITING SESSIONS ( LAWS)”

Key to success in IAS exam is all about two things – REVISIONS & WRITING PRACTICE. 

Revision presupposes good content with you while writing practice requires conceptual clarity, approach of writing & logical development of answers. 

This is where Epoche will be your tested friend.

How Epoche will help?

It will impart a competitive edge by combining both Revisions + Writing practice wonderfully. It is intended to give you sharpening skills to your preparation and extract maximum output in minimum possible time.

Such programs become more important in light of the fast changing trend of the exam. Of late, the nature of questions has substantially changed especially in the last two years.

Now questions, though still simple but they demand high conceptual clarity. The focus is on “Why & How ? “ but not on simply “What?” e.g.

1. Why Descartes establishes Cogito?

– students simply write what is cogito & just elaborate his method of doubt

2. Why Vaishesika accepts Abhava as a category?
– you write what is abhava , its types, etc. Again candidates miss the main demand of question i.e “WHY”

3. “Spinoza overemphasis on oneness at the cost of manyness” . Examine

4. Does Kant end in epistemological skepticism?

Enhance your skills with...

“EPOCHE” – a good mix of concept & content.


Epoche consists of 8 unit wise tests and 4 composite tests , each 3 hrs duration strictly based on UPSC pattern.


Each will be followed by discussion and personal feedback


Regular Fee


For Mitra's IAS Old students