Daily Prelim Quiz 9th August 2019

1. 1) Which of the following is/are true about deadly Sarin gas used in Syrian civil war?.
1. It contains phosphorus.
2. It was first produced massively during World War II by Nazi Germany.


2. 2) Which of the following is/are true about “Army Design Bureau”?.
1. Army Design Bureau is a part of „Make in India‟ programme.
2. It will be replace by DRDO after 10 years.


3. 3) India is a member of:
2. ASEAN Plus Three
3. Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation


4. 4) ‘Jan Shikshan Sansthans’ are established to
1. provide vocational training to school drop outs.
2. focus on education of women, SCs and STs.
3. focus on adult education.


5. 5) Gender Inequality Index (GII), developed by UNDP measures the human development costs of gender inequality. Which of the following forms a part of GII?
1. Life expectancy
2. Reproductive health
3. Empowerment
4. Control over economic resource
5. Labour market participation


6. 6) The World‟s Women report is released


7. 7) Head of Economic Intelligence Council is


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