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Amongst all GS papers GS IV is the most scoring, yet most intriguing given the fact score range is maximum in this paper. It is also paper which is taken most casually, yet it gives a decent score. Fact is clear that if the course is given in a structured way as it happens in other papers, it has the potentiality to change the game altogether.

It is in this regard we have designed our course module to give a one-stop solution to all needs. We have synthesized theory, case studies and contemporary issues in the most structured and systematic manner.

About course

Course is meticulously designed to inculcate and evaluate (through classes , content, tests & personal feedback) –

  • Ethical sensitivity
  • Moral compass
  • Mental calibre
  • Constructive & logical thinking
  • Ability to correlate

# along with topic-wise coverage of syllabus, course module will equally focus on the peripheral topics and contemporary/current ethical issues.

# major objective of the course will be to empower candidates with the right approach. There will be an attempt to see the things in a holistic perspective which will be clearly reflected in our answer writing sessions.

About Us

Ever since GS- IV i.e. Ethics, Integrity & Aptitude has been introduced we have taken lead and mentored more than 10000 students all over India in these years. We are providing academic support through guest lectures & content back-up to leading institutes of India like Shankar IAS Academy(Chennai). Consequently, we have more than 100 results to our credit including All India rank 2,6,11 in previous years.

Need for course

Course module will attempt to work on the missing links in your preparation, such as  –

  • Focus on peripheral areas

On analysis of syllabus, it is found that direct questions from syllabus are very few. Rather, majority of the questions are from peripheral areas.

  • Organic approach

Trying to understand the subject through an ecosystem of philosophy, psychology and governance.

  • Interlinkages among topics mentioned in the syllabus & with contemporary context
  • Organic relation between case studies & theory 

Case studies just can’t be different from theories. You can’t prepare cases in isolation. They are in fact organically linked with theory. Stronger you become in theory part better your answer will be in case studies.

How course will help?

Apart from removing above mentioned problems and gaps in your preparation it will be an attempt to inculcate score enhancing skills, such as,

  • Understanding the context of question
  • Importance & application in present times/life/governance
  • Values & competencies to be highlighted in answer
  • Explaining with examples: contemporary / historical / mythological
  • Interlinkages among topics
  • Conclusion with some VISION for society / individual / governance

In fact, these are the broad parameters for the evaluation of answer sheets.    

Test series

The course includes test series also. There will be 4 composite tests. Since all topics are interlinked it is not strategically advisable to conduct unit wise tests. To see things in a holistic perspective we strongly recommend composite tests.

Apart from tests strictly based on UPSC pattern we also conduct  LAWS : Live Answer Writing Sessions.

Past years’ paper analysis


Ethics book preview

Case studies

Ethics questions & answers

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Course Features

  • Students 3675 students
  • Max Students10000
  • Duration6 week
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take course5


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Mitras IAS

Mitra Sir, the Director of Mitra's IAS, who has more than a decade of rich experience in shaping students’ IAS dreams is the main mentor. He specializes in handling Philosophy and Ethics. Students fondly refer to him as the 'Dronacharya of Philosophy'. No other faculty deals with subject Philosophy & Ethics the way he does. A proven and undisputed teacher of philosophy & Ethics with a special focus on orientation and holistic approach to the paper, he commands leadership in the subject. His impeccable teaching style adorned with neat handwriting in colored pens helps structure and link concepts so efficiently that whatever he teaches enters 'from the board to the brain'. His calm and composed personality augments a student's learning experience. It is no wonder that his classes are par excellence.

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