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Votes on Account, Votes of Credit and Exceptional Grants

The Lok Sabha has the power to:

  1. Make any grant in advance in respect of the estimated expenditure for a part of any financial year pending the completion of the procedure prescribed in article 113 for the voting of such grant and the passing of the law in accordance with the provisions of article 114 in relation to that expenditure.
  2. Make a grant for meeting an unexpected demand upon the resources of the country, when on account of the magnitude or the indefinite character of the service, the demand cannot be stated with the details ordinarily given in an annual financial statement.
  3. Make an exceptional grant which forms no part of the current service of any financial year; and Parliament shall have power to authorise by law the withdrawal of money from the Consolidated Fund of India for the purpose for which the said grant is made.
  4. The provisions of articles 113 and 114 shall have effect in relation to the making of any grant and to any law to be made as they have effect in relation to the making of a grant with regard to any expenditure mentioned in the annual financial statement, and the law to be made for the authorisation of appropriation of money out of the Consolidated Fund of India to meet such expenditure.
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