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Powers and Functions of Vice President

The Vice President of India, after the President, is the highest dignitary of India, and certain powers are attached to the office of the Vice President. These are:

  1. The Vice President shall discharge the functions of the President during the temporary absence of the President due to illness or any other cause due to which the President is unable to carry out his functions.
  2. The Vice President shall act as the President, in case of any vacancy in the office of the President by reason of his death, resignation, removal through impeachment or otherwise. The Vice President shall take over the duties of the President until a new President is elected and resumes office.
  3. The Vice President is the ex-officio Chairman of the Council of States.
  4. When the Vice President acts as, or discharges the functions of the President, he or she immediately ceases to perform the normal functions of being the Chairman of the Council of States.

Salary of the Vice President

There is no particular provision in the Constitution about the salary of the Vice-President as such.

Currently, the ex-officio draws a salary of Rs. 1,25,000 per month. When the Vice-President acts as the President, he is entitled to get the same salary and privileges as that of the President. He gets half of his salary as pension after his retirement.

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