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Parliamentary Forum on Children

The Parliamentary Forum on Children was constituted on 2 March 2006 by the then Speaker, Lok Sabha, in consultation with the Chairman, Rajya Sabha.


The functions of the Forum are:

  1. To further enhance awareness and attention of Parliamentarians towards critical issues affecting children’s well being so that they may provide due Leadership to ensure their rightful place in the development process
  2. To provide a platform to Parliamentarians to exchange ideas, views, experiences, expert practices in relation to children, in a structured manner, through Workshops, Seminars, Orientation Programmes, etc.
  3. To provide Parliamentarians an interface with civil society for highlighting children’s issues, including, inter-alia, the Voluntary sector, media and corporate sector, and thereby to foster effective strategic partnerships in this regard; to enable Parliamentarians to interact, in an institutionalized manner with specialized UN Agencies like UNICEF and other comparable multilateral Agencies on expert reports, studies, news and trend-analyses, etc., world-wide, which are germane to developments in the sector.
  4. To undertake any other tasks, projects, assignments, etc. as the Forum may deem fit.
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