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Pardoning Power of the President

The president can pardon either any civilian or any person serving in defense, which makes it different from pardoning power of governor. The Governor can also pardon someone which are punished or sentenced for an offense against union law.

So, only the President can pardon any person which has sentenced by a military court or has been sentenced death sentence.

There are 4 ways a president can pardon anyone who is convicted:

  1. Pardon: completely absolving of sentence and conviction of a convict.
  2. Commutation: substituting by one form of punishment to a lighter form. for e.g. death sentence reduced to life imprisonment.
  3. Remission: reducing the period of sentence without changing the original sentence. For e.g. period of life imprisonment can be reduce.
  4. Respite: awarding a lesser sentence in-spite of original sentence in-spite of original sentence. for e.g. in some cases where convict is disabled or pregnant women.
  5. Reprive: stay of execution of a sentence for temporary period.
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