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Non Conventional Sources of Energy

In India, non-conventional energy sources consist of those energy sources that are infinite, natural, and restorable. For example, tidal energy, solar energy, and wind energy are nonconventional sources of energy. Fascinatingly, the application of tidal energy and wind energy was operational in the form of energy sources long back when mineral oil, coal, and natural gas were not broadly introduced as conventional sources of energy.

In the beginning, windmills were utilized for taking out water and pounding grains. Running water and wind were applied for direction finding.

Currently, some of the important and widely used non conventional sources of energy are tides, wind, solar geothermal heat, and biomass comprising animal waste, agricultural waste, and human body waste. For example, disposals from big metropolitan areas can work as a source of producing biogas. All these non conventional energy sources are unlimited or restorable and are essentially quite economical.

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