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Functions of State Public Service Commissions

The State Public Service Commission shall discharge the following functions:

  1. To conduct examinations for the appointment to the services of the State government.
  2. To advise on all matters relating to methods of recruitment to State’s civil service posts.
  3. To advise on the principle to be followed in making appointments, promotions, transfers etc.
  4. To advise on all disciplinary matters.
  5. To advise on the settlement of claims etc.
  6. The State Legislature, by an act, may provide for the exercise of additional functions for the State Public Service Commission.

Joint Public Service Commission

There may be a Public Service Commission for two or more States. The Constitution provides that two or more States may agree that there shall be one Public Service Commission for that group of States, and if a resolution to that effect is passed by the House, or where there are two Houses, by each House of Legislature of each of those States, Parliament may by law provide for the appointment of a Joint State Public Service Commission to serve the needs of those States. For example, there is a Joint Public Service Commission for the States of Punjab and Haryana.

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