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Features of Presidential Form of Government

Features of Presidential Form of Government

The presidential form of government is that in which the executive is not responsible to the legislature. An example of such a system of Government is the United States of America (U.S.A)

Essential features

  1. The president is the real executive. There is no nominal or ceremonial executive. All the powers are vested in the hands of the president.
  2. The powers of the three organs namely, legislature, executive and judiciary are separated and vested in different persons.
  3. Though the three organs of the government are kept apart, they are also connected by the system of checks and balances. Each organ of government exercises checks on the other two organs so that a sort of balance is established.
  4. The tenure of the president is fixed. The tenure of office cannot be lessened or increased under any circumstances. President can be removed by the legislature only by a process of impeachment.


Merits of a Presidential Form of Government

  1. A stable government is possible.
  2. Under a presidential form of government, experts are appointed as heads of the departments without consideration of their party affiliations. The president may appoint persons who belong to the opposition parties.
  3. There is continuous and consistent policy.
  4. Highly suitable during the period of national crisis.
  5. There is no chance for concentration of powers.

Demerits of the Presidential Form of Government

  1. The executive is not responsible to the legislature and can do whatever it pleases.
  2. There is always the possibility of deadlocks between the legislature and the executive.
  3. It is not a flexible form of government.
  4. The Presidential executive finds it difficult to follow a vigorous foreign policy, as there is no harmonious relationship between the executive and the legislature. The executive may follow a policy which may not be acceptable to the legislature.
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