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Features of Directive Principles

Features of Directive Principles

  1. The State should strive to promote the welfare of the people.
  2. The State should maintain social order through social, economic and political justice.
  3. The State should strive towards removing economic inequality.
  4. Removal of inequality in status and opportunities.
  5. To secure adequate means of livelihood for the citizens.
  6. Equal work opportunity for both men and women.
  7. Prevent concentration of wealth in specific pockets through uniform distribution of the material resources amongst all the strata of the society.
  8. Prevention of child abuse and exploitation of workers.
  9. Protection of children against moral and material abandonment.
  10. Free legal advice for equal opportunities to avail of justice by the economically weaker section.
  11. Organisation of Village Panchayats which will work as an autonomous body working towards giving justice.
  12. Assistance to the needy including the unemployed, sick, disabled and old people.
  13. Ensure proper working conditions and a living wage.
  14. Promotion of cottage industries in rural areas.
  15. The state should endeavor towards a uniform civil code for all the citizens of India.
  16. Free and compulsory education for children below the age of 14years.
  17. Economic and educational upliftment of the SC and ST and other weaker sections of the society.
  18. Prohibition of alcoholic drinks, recreational drugs, and cow slaughter.
  19. Preservation of the environment by safeguarding the forests and the wild life.
  20. Protection of monuments, places and objects of historic and artistic interest and national importance against destruction and damage.
  21. Promotion and maintenance of international peace and security, just and honourable relations between nations, respect for international law and treaty obligations, as well as settlement of international disputes by arbitration.
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