Ethics Case Study – 67

You are posted as a District Collector in one of the districts in India.

It has been brought to your notice that a structure has been built by few members of a religious community on the public land without getting due permissions.

In keeping with the guidelines of the Supreme Court of India, disallowing the construction of any permanent religious structures on public land, you are contemplating its removal.

However, the leaders of the community in question have requested you to permit the structure saying that it is for the period of month long religious festival only.

Moreover, they say that there is no other religious place nearby where community members can celebrate their festival.

Your seniors and the political leader of the area also support their views. However, you are sceptical that after the festival is over, it may not be easy to remove the religious structure from the public land due to the involvement of community members at large.

  1. Perform an objective and subjective analysis of the case.
  2. What will you do in such a situation?

20 marks / 250 words.

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