Ethics Case Study – 6

Ask anyone if they feel stealing is wrong.  Unless there are special circumstances such as stealing food for survival, the answer usually is a resounding yes.  People understand that this is wrong because of one reason – they were taught a moral value from both their family and their educators.  This teaching of moral values has been a topic of controversy in education for years, with good reason.  The debate has always shifted around it is the family’s responsibility, what morals to teach, and how would you teach those morals?

Teaching moral values and ethics has become a major battleground with all of the new and old controversies.  People are afraid that students will be taught to think either to the “right or left” and side with various political parties that might not be their own if abortion is right or wrong if there should be capital punishment or discussion of gay rights. Teachers always wish that the family would be involved in their student’s education.  On the opposite side, the family will say they don’t hear enough from the teacher.

Should values and ethics be imparted through education or is it a function that the family must perform?

20 marks / 250 words.

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