Ethics Case Study – 50

You have just been appointed as a director of the city municipal corporation.

A joint director, much senior to you in age and about to retire in six months,

is passionately working on a very important urban planning project, successful completion of which would earn him a lasting reputation for the rest of his retired life.

A new lady Civil Engineer has joined the corporation, having background from a leading premier institution in this field.

This has made the Joint Director (JD) so insecure that he constantly fears that she would take all the credit.

He has adopted a passive aggressive behaviour towards her and is disrespectful in his communication to her.

The lady engineer feels embarrassed when the Joint Director corrects her in front of other employees, raises his voice when speaking to her and leaves no chance to humiliate her.

She may also be intimidated by him since he has had a long tenure in the office, has directly related experience in the functional area that she is working in, and was also favoured by the previous Director.

She may be feeling that she has no recourse in the matter.

You are well aware of her outstanding academic and career record in previous organizations but fear this one-sided ego clash from the side of the Joint Director would seriously compromise her much needed contribution in this important project and also, her emotional well-being.

Latest, you come to know that she is planning to resign. How will you handle this situation?

20 marks / 250 words.

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