Ethics Case Study – 5

The mood at Abhinav Vidyalay is tense with anticipation. For the first time in many years, their football team has made it to the state semi-finals. The community is excited too, and everyone is making plans to attend the big event next Saturday night. Mr. Sanjay Patil, the varsity coach, has been waiting for years to field such a team. Speed, teamwork, balance: they’ve got it all. Only one more week to practice, he tells his team, and not a rule can be broken. Everyone must be at practice each morning at the regularly scheduled time: No Exceptions. Mahadev and Vallabh are two of the team’s starters. From their perspective, they’re indispensable to the team, the guys who will bring victory to Abhinav Vidyalay. They decide – why, no one will ever know – to show up an hour late to the next day’s practice.

Mr. Sanjay Patil is furious. They have deliberately disobeyed his orders. The rule says they should be suspended for one full week. If he follows the rule, Mahadev and Vallabh will not play in the semi-finals.

  1. But the whole team is depending on them. What should he do?
  2. What would you like to advise, giving proper reasons?

20 marks / 250 words.

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