Ethics Case Study – 46

Trupti and Pallavi are two college-friends working in the same project in a reputed Information Technology company.

Both are hardworking employees and their friendship is quite strong. One late evening, while leaving office, Pallavi saw Trupti taking printouts of the software code being developed by the team.

The company has strict rules regarding the use of company property and it doesn’t allow employees to take work home or to take printouts of codes.

Early this year, the company had fired two employees who were found to have violated these rules.

Pallavi knows that Trupti comes from a humble background and this job is very important for the financial security of her family.

(a) The following are some suggested options. Please evaluate the merits and demerits of each of the options:

  1. Report to the higher management about the incident.
  2. Talk to Trupti about the issue and try to convince her to stop doing this act.
  3. Ignore the act as it does not directly concern you.

(b) Also indicate (without necessarily restricting to the above options) what you would like to advise, giving proper reasons.

20 marks / 250 words.

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