Ethics Case Study – 45

Walk into any Govt. Office and you will generally face a stern looking employee greeting you with a frown, which puts you off and makes you feel most unwelcome.

He fails to realize that you are the reason why he or she is sitting there.

In fact, the roles of the public and the employees seem to be reverse in Government Offices, where the latter are the bosses and the former, servants at their mercy.

Requirements are generally given in piecemeal and it is not uncommon to get illogical or unreasonable demands for dispensable documents,

with the sole purpose of having matters delayed or protracted, often leaving suspicions that the employee may be awaiting a ‘bakshish’ (a tip) to be more obliging and diligent.

This is the reason why people prefer paying a bribe and get their work done expeditiously to long delays and multiple trips, which most can’t afford.

Unfortunately, in Govt. Offices, which are also mostly service organizations, prompt and efficient service is something you can expect the least.

Perhaps it never dawns on the employees that they are dependent on the public, who actually pay for their salaries.

What are the reasons behind the deteriorating standards in the work culture of Indian administrators?

20 marks / 250 words.

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