Ethics Case Study – 44

You are an IPS officer who has recently been posted in a town, which is troubled by high crime rates. In the first few days at office, you observe widespread indiscipline and corruption and non-adherence to rules. One day you catch some people transporting a major illegal drug consignment into the town.

Mr. X, a local politician calls you up and tells you that the drug consignment was being transported with his consent. He also tells you that you should release all the suspected people and asks you to not file an FIR on this issue. He warns you of grave consequences if you don’t adhere to his advice.

Moreover, he cites his links with your senior and also many other people within your department. To make matters worse, your senior calls you up and asks you to entertain Mr. X’s demands.

  1. The following are some suggested options. Please evaluate the merits and demerits of each of the options:
  2. Give in to the demands of the politician and the senior and release the suspected people.
  3. Ask your senior for written orders.
  4. Talk to the senior’s boss about the issue.
  5. Inform the media about the issue.
  6. Also indicate (without necessarily restricting to the above options) what you would like to advise, giving proper reasons.

20 marks / 250 words.

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