Ethics Case Study – 38

Ragging in India is a damaging form of interaction of the seniors in college or school with the juniors, new entrants or first years. It involves insults, simple or suggestive sexual, sarcastic and even physical running errands for seniors, and many other complex activities. Highly reputed Indian colleges have a history of ragging, especially Medical colleges.

Nowadays, it has been turned into a nightmare to students and their guardians at the time of admission to Engineering, Polytechnic and Medical Colleges.

You are the DSP of Khozikode district in Kerala. A shocking incident of ragging of a female first-year medical student has been brought to you where the victim is severely ragged by her senior students and forced to drink toilet cleaner as she refused to dance nude. You are leading the investigation team for this case. On your visit to the college, you find that the victim has been hospitalized with severe stomach problems. Three of the eight senior students whom she named are absconding.

  1. a) What would be your reaction after your above visit?
  2. b) Bring out and discuss the ethical issues involved in the above case.

20 marks / 250 words.

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