Ethics Case Study – 34

You have just taken over as the head of the office in an administrative department. In the office, there are 8 people working for the past 20 years as daily wagers who are not regular government employees.

One-year back, the ministry of personnel had issued clear guidelines that such people cannot be employed further. Following this, your boss had reported that no such workers are currently working in his charge, which includes your office, even though such people were continuing to work.

Your own ministry has now asked for a list of such people, for a one-time relaxation of recruitment rules to be requested to the ministry of personnel.

This puts you in a fix, as your boss has reported nil, while the ministry wants such people so that they can be benefited.

  1. What are the options available to you?
  2. Evaluate each of these options and choose the option you would adopt, giving reasons.

20 marks / 250 words.

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