Ethics Case Study – 30

Unlike many countries in the neighborhood, India possesses a number of perennial rivers that drain the subcontinent. Of particular interest is the fact that most of these rivers begin and end within India, making us secure in the matter of potential interference with the supply, but also placing squarely on us the responsibility of keeping these rivers healthy. But the increasing floods and drought each year remind us that we have failed miserably in that responsibility.

The emphasis of our planning process is on disaster management and disaster response, not disaster prevention. The solution to the flood problem will only be possible when we start looking to preventive, rather than damage control methods. It is much more easy to get things right in the first place than to get repaired the damaged ones. The cost of preventive maintenance is much lower than the cost of repairing the damaged ones.

As an administrator, suggest various methods to be adopted for flood mitigation.

25 marks / 300 words.

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