Ethics Case Study – 12

You are a final-year engineering student, studying in a reputed engineering college in India. Campus placements are going on in your college and most of your friends have already been placed in reputed multi-national companies.

You have appeared in selection tests for many companies but have failed to clear any of them. The placement season is drawing to a close. You have taken an educational loan to pay for the college tuition fees. Your parents have high hopes from you and placement in a good MNC is very important for your future.

Some of your friends have offered to help you to cheat in the next selection test. Many of them have themselves cleared their tests by cheating and now have job offers from big MNCs. You have never cheated on any exam in your whole student life. But the present situation is making you ambiguous.

  1. What are the options available to you?
  2. Evaluate each option and suggest the best course of action?

20 marks / 250 words.

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