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Early Uprisings against the British in India

Non Tribal

The colonialism of the British and introduction of British values had shaken the Indian society. While this transformation was taking place, the Indians did not keep quiet as passive spectators, but the subaltern groups of peasants and trial’s expressed their resentment through popular resistance, movements or civil disturbances mostly which were localized, sporadic, isolated and unorganized.

The resistance movements reflected a certain kind of current of political and social consciousness which influenced the people to fight against the authority of the British.

Revolt of Kattaboman

King Kattabomman refused to pay his dues and for a long time refused to meet the collector of the East India Company. Finally, a meeting was arranged, which ended in a skirmish and the Deputy Commandant of the Company’s forces was slain. Kattabomman and his men fought their way to freedom and safety.

A price was set on Kattabomman’s head. He and his aides fled and took refuge close to Pudukkottai. Kattabomman was captured and on October 16, 1799 the case was taken up (. After a summary trial, Kattabomman was hanged unceremoniously on a tamarind tree.


Rebellion of Paiks

This Revolt took place during 1804-1806 in Orissa, first under the Raja and then under Jagabandhu.

Revolt of Veluthambi

It was organized by the Divan of Travancore, when the British tried to oust him.

Revolt of Rau Bharmal

Rau Bharmal was the ruler of Kutch. He organized a rebellion against the British in 1811-1819.

Revolt of Ramosis

This revolt was organized by the Peshwas in Pune, when their lands were taken over by the British.

Kittur Rising

It was under the leadership of the wife of the ruler of Kittur, who had passed away leaving no heirs.

Sambhalpur Outbreak

It took place under a person named Surendra Sai, to protest against the interference of the British.

Satora Disturbance

It took place after the removal of the local ruler, in 1840-41.

Bundela Revolt

It was carried out against the British revenue system.

Gadkari Revolt

It was carried out in Maharastra, in Kolhapur, against the British policies of Kolhapur.

Satvandi Rebellion

It took place in 1844-45, as a protest against the removal of the Satvant Ruler.

Raju Rebellion

It took place under King Raju, who had been removed by the British.


Palakonda Rebellion

This took place in the Andhra Region. All the zamindars joined hands with the peasantry.

Parlakimedi Outbreak

It occurred in 1829 in Orissa against British policies.

Gumsur Outbreak

It was organized by the local zamindar, who was in debt at the time.

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