Daily Prelim Quiz 7th May 2019

1. Recently Maharashtra government has  allocated around  40  hectare land in  Hingloi  to Department  of Atomic  Energy  (DAE)  for  LIGO  India Project.  Consider  the  following statements regarding the project,

  1. The Laser  Interferometer Gravitational-wave  Observatory (LIGO)  project  operates  three gravitational-wave  (GW) detectors
  2. LIGO-India project is envisaged as an  international collaboration between the LIGO Laboratory  and  three  lead institutions  in  the  IndIGO consortium.
  3. The dramatic  improvement from LIGO-India would come in the  ability  of  localizing  GW sources in the sky.

Which  of  the  statement  is/are Incorrect?


2. Russia has invited India to join it in  developing  the  next  generation nuclear reactors and to participate in its fast-reactor research project.

Consider  the  following  statements regarding fast neutron reactors

  1. Fast reactors  are  beneficial  in the sense that it can help in the reprocessing  and  deactivation of  radioactive  waste  material and produce energy as well
  2. MBIR, the  fast  reactor  project follows the closed fuel cycle
  3. Such a  reactor  does  not  need any neutron moderator such as water  which  serves  such  a purpose in thermal reactors
  4. It also  addresses  the  non-proliferation of fission materials and weapon technologies

Choose the correct options,



3. Viruses can infect,

  1. Animal
  2. Plants
  3. Bacteria
  4. Fungi
  5. Microorganism

Choose  correct  option  using  code below,



4. The known forces of nature can be divided  into  four  classes,  viz,  gravity electromagnetism,  weak  nuclear  force and  strong  nuclear  force.  with reference  to  them,  which  one  of  the following statements is not correct?



5. Which  of  the  following characterizes/ characterize the people of Indus Civilization?

  1. They possessed  great  palaces and temples.
  2. They worshipped  both  male and female deities.
  3. They employed  horse-drawn chariots in warfare.

Select  the  correct  statement/ statements  using  the  codes  given below.



6. Consider  following  statement about Vermin Animals,

  1. Any animal declared as vermin can be  killed  or  hunted  down without inviting any jail term or punishment.
  2. By law, every state is allowed to provide a  list  of  animals  to  be declared  as  vermin  to  the centre.
  3. Those animals  are  declared  as vermin  who  are  a  threat  to crop, property or humans.
  4. Animals under  Schedule  V  of the  Wildlife  Protection  Act  are vermins.

Choose  correct  answer  using  code below,


7. World Sustainable Development Summit is organized by:



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