Daily Prelim Quiz 6th May 2019

1. Sandalwood, khair, kusum, arjun and mulberry which are commercially important tree species are found in

  1. Tropical deciduous forests
  2. Tropical evergreen forests
  3. Montane forests

Select  the  correct  answer  using  the codes below.



2. Why are the western slopes of the Western Ghats covered with thick forests and not the eastern slopes?

  1. Soil in  eastern  slope  cannot support  vegetation  due  to absence of nutrients.
  2. Eastern side  falls  in  rain-shadow zone
  3. No protected  forests  exist  on the eastern slopes.

Select  the  correct  answer  using  the codes below.




Consider  following  statement about  National  Population  Policy 2000.

  1. It provides  a  policy  framework for  free  and  compulsory education up to 14 years.
  2. Achieving universal immunisation  of  children against  all  vaccine  preventable disease.
  3. Promotion of  delayed  marriage for girls

Which  of  the  above  statement(s)  are correct.



4. The  Centre  has  constituted Insolvency  and  Bankruptcy  Board  of India (IBBI)  Consider  the  following statements about it,

  1. It’s a four-member body
  2. The board  would  regulate  the functioning  of insolvency professionals, insolvency professional agencies and information utilities
  3. It’s to  function  as  per  the Insolvency  and  Bankruptcy Code, 2016

Choose  the  correct  statements  using code below,



5. The Union Government appointed S. Sivakumar as a full-time Member of the  21st  Law  Commission  of  India (LCI).  Consider  the  following statements  about  the  Law Commission of India:

  1. Law Commission  of  India  (LCI) is a statutory body.
  2. The first  Law  Commission  was established in 1950.
  3. The Commission  is  established for a fixed tenure and works as an advisory  body  directly  to the President of India

Choose  the  correct  statements  using code below,


6. Union  Finance  Ministry constituted  a Public  Debt Management  Cell (PDMC).  Consider the  following  statements  regarding  it, and choose the correct ones-

  1. It is  created  to  streamline government  borrowings  and better  cash  management  with the  overall  objective  of deepening bond markets
  2. It is  an  arm  of  the  already functioning  Public  Debt Management Agency (PDMA)
  3. It is to allow separation of debt management functions  from RBI to PDMA in a gradual and seamless  manner,  without causing market disruptions

Choose the correct statement(s) using code below.


7. Which  of  the  following  grants/ grant direct credit assistance to rural households ?

  1. Regional Rural Banks
  2. National Bank  for  Agriculture and Rural Development
  3. Land Development Banks

Select  the  correct  answer  using  the codes given below:



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