Daily Prelim Quiz 31st July 2019

1. Which of the followings is/are a part of unorganized money market?
(a) Chit funds
(b) Call money market
(c) Money lenders
Select the correct answer using the codes given below.


2. Which of the following ensures that
the principle of federalism is upheld in the Indian polity?
(a) Any change to the constitution that affects the power of the states must be ratified by a majority of state assemblies.
(b) Union Territories (UTs) are administered by the Centre.
(c) The Judiciary plays an important role in overseeing the implementation and amendment of constitutional provisions.
Choose the correct answer using the codes below:


3. Which of the following pairs of geographical feature with region is matched INCORRECTLY?


4. Consider the following statements about a national park.
(1) Dense, thick and semi evergreen and moist deciduous forest
(2) Entire territory is hilly.
(3) The Red Panda of this park are world famous.
The above refer to which of the following?


5. Which of the following phenomena in plants show their response to the environmental stimuli?
(a) Phototropism
(b) Geotropism
(c) Hydrotropism
Choose the correct answer using the codes below:


6. The term biotype means:


7. Consider the following statements about Hydrofluorocarbons (HFCs)
(a) HFCs cause ozone depletion and are banned under Montreal protocol
(b) HFCs are super-greenhouse gases with an extremely high global warming potential.
(c) HFCs also figure in the basket of six greenhouse gases under the Kyoto Protocol
Which of the statements given above is/are incorrect?


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