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Criticism of the Constituent Assembly

Criticism of the Constituent Assembly

  1. Every great step in the history is followed by the criticism of the same. In the same manner, the Constituent Assembly was also criticized.  Some of the points included:
  2. The Constituent Assembly was not a representative body as its members were not directly elected by the people of India.
  3. As the Constituent Assembly was created on the proposals of the British Government, some people didn’t consider it as a Sovereign body.
  4. Some compared it to the framers of the American Constitution, who constituted the American Constitution in 4 months, stating that the constituent assembly consumed too much time.
  5. Granville Austin even stated that “The Constituent Assembly was a one-party body”.
  6. Critics stated it as a “Lawyer-Politician Domination.”
  7. And above all, some even named it as a “Hindu Dominated Constituent Assembly”.
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