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One-to-one Mentorship Program for CSE Mains 2019

(Online & Offline Mode)

After successful completion of 100+ Most Probable Editorials & Questions for CSE Mains 2018 from where more than 30 questions were directly from our course, we are starting the Mentorship Program for GS under the experienced guidance of Mitra sir, India Bhai & Team. It’s a personalized mentor guided program having timely copy checking by the mentor and faculty and personalized feedback. The tests and the feedback would be conducted at Offline Test Centre as well as in Online Mode for out-stationed students.


  • Total 20 Tests which includes 11 Sectional Tests,4 Full Comprehensive Tests, and 5 Essays.
  • There is NO restriction on the number of tests to 20. If Mentor and mentee are not satisfied with the test performance then more tests on the same topics will be taken till the satisfactory performance is ensured. So practically test numbers might increase as per case to case basis. Same applicable to Essays too.
  • Candidates can write the tests OFFLINE at MitrasIAS, Pusa Road anytime between 9 AM to 5 PM. For ONLINE tests, one can write it at the comfort of their home and send it on email after scanning it via Camscanner.
  • Standard Model Answers will be provided after each test is over. It also includes the answer writing approach and structure for every answer. Best Copies of students will also be shared for every test so that students can judge their standing in the tests.
  • Test Discussions for selective tests may be held at MitrasIAS, Pusa road by expert faculty.
  • All copies will be checked by Mitra Sir, India Bhai & team and one’s progress via test series will be tracked. A maximum of 1 week will be needed for the evaluation of test copies. The evaluated copy either will be mailed back to the students (Online mode) or can be handed over to the student personally (Offline mode). Copies might get evaluated on the same day provided candidates write test on time and also subject to availability of mentor.
  • One-to-one Personal Feedback will be provided by Mitra Sir &India Bhai after the evaluation of the copies both in online(via telephone support)and offline mode (in personal meeting) for respective categories students.

Interaction will also be made with successful candidates/high scorer in GS

  • All sorts of help other than test series will also be provided to the candidates which will help in qualifying mains. It may also include help regarding the best study materials for various topics. Various other quality study materials will also be referred to the candidates as per the exam requirements.
  • Questions would be designed to judge the candidates’ conceptual clarity and interdisciplinary approach more than factual knowledge.
  • Students can write the Tests any time after the Test Release Date. They can postpone but not prepone their tests. Students can attempt tests till Mains 2019.
  • The students are advised to use the feedback and effective strategy (which is personalized and varies with student to student) in their subsequent tests for improvement.
  • FOCUS 30 batch: The total intake will be maximum of 30 students because then only proper focus will be given and full availability of mentors will be ensured always. Although the admission to the course is a first-cum-first served basis.

Special Attention

  • Personal interaction with Mitra Sir for overall feedback and strategy discussion regarding preparation.
  • FREE access to foundation classes of Ethics batch by Mitra sir.
  • Mitra Sir’s book on Ethics Part-I & II will also be provided during joining the program.


    • A student can take the test any time after the test is released on the scheduled date and sent on their email in pdf format.
    • Tests will be released on the Test Portal on Sundays, as per calendar.

    The students will

    • Download the test papers and take the print out of the test. Attempt the test in strict environment with strict timings as mentioned in the paper.
    • The Attempted Paper should be scanned by a scanner or Mobile Phone using the Camscanner App and sent to [email protected]
    • It is expected that students write the Tests as per the test timings on Sundays.
    • Evaluated answer sheets with proper feedback, comment, and guidance along with the paper analysis will be sent back to students by email within 1 week after receiving the answer sheet by either in person or via email. The one-to-one mentorship facility (for both offline/online students) can be availed by the students after an email/phone request through a telephonic call at a time convenient to both of them.
    • Detailed model answers will be provided along the test papers on their email id or in person.
    • The discussion of question and answers can be done in person (for Offline Students) or via telephone (Online Students). There will not be any classes for discussion of question papers. Instead, a one-to-one discussion can be taken with India Bhai in online or offline mode.
    • Best copies will also be shared. This will help candidates to understand the best practices which could be followed to score better marks and to understand his standing in the competitive crowd.

Fees Structure:

Rs 22000 (All inclusive) for 20 tests (15 GS + 5 Essays)

Rs 20000 for current & previous MitrasIAS students.

Payment link:

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Course Features

  • Students 4100 students
  • Max Students10000
  • Duration52 week
  • Skill levelall
  • LanguageEnglish
  • Re-take courseN/A


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Mitras IAS

Mitra Sir, the Director of Mitra's IAS, who has more than a decade of rich experience in shaping students’ IAS dreams is the main mentor. He specializes in handling Philosophy and Ethics. Students fondly refer to him as the 'Dronacharya of Philosophy'. No other faculty deals with subject Philosophy & Ethics the way he does. A proven and undisputed teacher of philosophy & Ethics with a special focus on orientation and holistic approach to the paper, he commands leadership in the subject. His impeccable teaching style adorned with neat handwriting in colored pens helps structure and link concepts so efficiently that whatever he teaches enters 'from the board to the brain'. His calm and composed personality augments a student's learning experience. It is no wonder that his classes are par excellence.

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