Arts & Culture

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Under the new syllabus pattern of the Civil Services Examination conducted by the UPSC, the topic, ‘Indian Heritage and Culture’ has been accorded great weightage. ‘Indian Heritage and Culture’ spans across the entire length and breadth of Indian History and thus needs to be prepared holistically. Every year 5-10 questions will be asked in prelims CSAT paper 1. Paper1 of mains GS: at least 20% of paper will be from this section. From above two points,  we can easily deduce that leaving the art and culture portion will be suicidal for any UPSC aspirant.

Below notes will help you in covering Indian Arts and Culture for UPSC IAS Examination.

Chapter 1. Languages and their Distribution

Chapter 2. Indian Music

Chapter 3. Indian Dance

  • Folk Dances of India

Chapter 4. Modern Age Architecture

Chapter 5. Meaning and Essence of Culture

Chapter 6. Prehistoric Rock Paintings

Chapter 7. Arts of the Indus Valley

Chapter 8. Indian Crafts

Chapter 9. Indian Sculpture

Chapter 10. Indo Islamic Architecture

  • Early Muslim Architecture

Chapter 11. Indian Literature

Chapter 12. Indian Cinema

Chapter 13. Indian Media

Chapter 14. Indian Painting

Chapter 15. Indian Architecture

  • Important Caves